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Gamma Phi Beta has helped me become the woman I am today. Since my freshman year, I have been able to grow as an individual and a leader through the guidance of my sisters. They have become my support system while celebrating my highs and comforting me during my lows. Gamma Phi Beta truly is my home away from home. I am incredibly honored to serve such an amazing group of women who inspire me to be the best version of myself.

- Maggie Sankey

Vice President

Bridget Craig


Vice President

Regan Roberts


Vice President

Catherine Wallace

Vice President

Ashley James


Panhellenic Affairs
Vice President

Cassidy Brankley


Public Relations
Vice President

Erin McNamee


New Member

Cassidy Lund


Administrative Department

Recording Secretary: Hailey Livesay

Risk Management Chairwoman: Jenna Stanley

Standards Chairwoman: Keira Votava

Senior Standards Representative: Victoria Grande

Junior Standards Representative: Caroline Reily 

Sophomore Standards Representative: Riley Fraunfelter

Freshman Standards Representative: Madelyn Marcellus

Parliamentarian: Samantha Kinggard

Merit Points Chairwoman: 🌙

Historian: Whitney Pepe

Alumni Relations/Corresponding Secretary: Sydney Schnall

Education Department

​New Member Educator: Cassidy Lund

NME Logistics Assistant: 🌙

NME Logistics Assistant: Eva Sutton 

Bid Day Assistant: Addison Gear

Bid Day Assistant: Kennedy Masterson 

Big/Little Assistant: 🌙

Big/Little Assistant: 🌙

Sisterhood Chairwoman: Katie Vassallo

Loyalty Circle Chairwoman: Laney Mulhollen

Song Chairwoman: Mya Methany

Sunshine Chairwoman: Mary Bonnett

Fidelity Chairwoman: Emily Mark

REAL Wellness Chairwoman: Allysa Bagot

Ritual Chairwoman:  Alessandra Steinmuller

Academics Chairwoman: Gaby Smith

Senior Academics Representative: Katie Garcia

Junior Academics Representative:  Allison Freeman

Sophomore Academics Representative:  Paige Willemsen

Freshman Academics Representative: Gigi Linares

Pace Chairwoman:  Bailey Wells

Diversity and Inclusion Chairwoman: Allie-Blay Roper

Finance Department

Assistant FVP: Morgan Murphy

Facilities Manager: Karas Hutchison

Sustainability Chairwoman: Amanda Martinez

Membership Department

Assistant MVP: Lexie Trower

Planning Director: Chloe Chick

Productions Chairwoman: Kylie Coolican 

COB Chairwoman: Tanya Fedak

Assistant COB Chairwoman: Dylann Ries

Logistics Chairwoman: Lauren Rench

Preferential Chairwoman: Emma Pierucki

Preferential Chairwoman: Presley Berman

Panhellenic Affairs Department

Activities/Intramurals: Raegan Churi

Service Chairwoman: 🌙

Gameday Chairwoman: Kali Roth

Cross Council Chairwoman: Amberina Khoja

Campus Outreach Chairwoman: Adriana Verlangieri

Moonball Chair:  🌙

Philanthropy Chairwoman: Emily Baldwin

Public Relations Department

Merchandise Chairwoman: Jessie Squadrito 

Internal Social Chairwoman: Lani Tudor-Dodd

External Social Chairwoman: Taylen Turco

Assistant External Social Chairwoman: Amberina Khoja

Webmaster: Addison Gear

Special Events Chairwoman: Samantha Rees

Banner Chairwoman: Kathryn Duncan

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