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Amanda Evans


"Gamma Phi Beta has become my home. I have found my best friends here. Friends that are loyal and love me know no matter what. Friends that push me to work hard and achieve my goals. I have learned so much from my sisters in this chapter, and they have truly helped me grow into the person I am today.  I will be forever grateful for Gamma Phi Beta and I am honored to serve an organization that has done so much for me."

- Amanda Evans

Vice President

Maggie Sankey


Vice President

Caitlyn McCoy


Vice President

Victoria Bible


Vice President

Alexa Pullos


Panhellenic Affairs
Vice President

Lily Penoyer


Public Relations
Vice President

Kathryn Anderson


Administrative Department

Recording Secretary: Cassidy Lund

Risk Management Chairwoman: Emily Winter

Standards Chairwoman: Bridget Craig

Senior Standards Representative: Isabella DelRosario

Junior Standards Representative: Victoria Grande

Sophomore Standards Representative: Tobie Cunningham

Freshman Standards Representative: Aishwarya Nagpal

Parliamentarian: Whitney Pepe

Merit Points Chairwoman: Sydney Schnall

Historian: Tobie Cunningham

Alumni Relations/Corresponding Secretary: Lauren Bonet

Education Department

NME: Olivia Fernandez

Assistant New Member Ed: Regan Roberts

Assistant New Member Ed: Alexandra Carr

Assistant New Member Ed: Naomi van Es Maury

Assistant New Member Ed: Samantha Hoffmann

Assistant New Member Ed: Emily Barron

Sisterhood Chairwoman: Julia Schildberg

Loyalty Circle Chairwoman: Karas Hutchison

Song Chairwoman: Catherine Wallace

Sunshine Chairwoman: Eden Stark

Fidelity Chairwoman: Audrey Joos

Ritual Chairwoman:  Madison Sowers

Academics Chairwoman: Brett Robbins

Senior Academics Representative: Lauren Sankey

Junior Academics Representative: Abbey Hinzman

Sophomore Academics Representative:  Sophia Linale

Freshman Academics Representative: Stella Dioguardi

Pace Chairwoman: Abby Hinzman

Diversity and Inclusion Chairwoman: Ella Furman

Finance Department

Assistant FVP: Katarina Vassallo

Facilities Manager: Sarah Scott

Sustainability Chairwoman: Anne Davin

Membership Department

Assistant MVP: Ashley James

Planning Director: Lauren Rench

Productions Chairwoman: Karas Hutchison

COB Chairwoman: Julia Rocco

Logistics Chairwoman: Ashley Lane

Matching Chairwoman: Grace Granum

Computer Chairwoman: Anne Davin

Preferential Chairwoman: Lani Tudor-Dodd

Preferential Chairwoman: Ava Orlando

Panhellenic Affairs Department

Activities/Intramurals: Hannah Johnson

Service Chairwoman: Katelyn Mysinger

Block Chairwoman: Adriana Verlangieri

Cross Council Chairwoman: Jayna Shah

Campus Outreach Chairwoman: Amberina Khoja

Moonball Chair: Danielle LaCanna

Philanthropy Chairwoman: Cassidy Brankley

Public Relations Department

Merchandise Chairwoman: Cassidy Marino

Internal Social Chairwoman: Liv Gilman

External Social Chairwoman: Grace Garnum

Assistant External Social Chairwoman: Taylen Turco

Webmaster: Nicole Zubowicz

Special Events Chairwoman: Maya Vaidya

Banner Chairwoman: Kathryn Duncan

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