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Amanda Evans


"Gamma Phi Beta has become my home. I have found my best friends here. Friends that are loyal and love me know no matter what. Friends that push me to work hard and achieve my goals. I have learned so much from my sisters in this chapter, and they have truly helped me grow into the person I am today.  I will be forever grateful for Gamma Phi Beta and I am honored to serve an organization that has done so much for me."

- Amanda Evans

Vice President

Maggie Sankey


Vice President

Caitlyn McCoy


Vice President

Victoria Bible


Vice President

Alexis Pullos


Public Relations
Vice President

Kathryn Anderson


Administrative Department

Recording Secretary: Cassidy Lund

Risk Management Chairwoman: Emily Winter

Standards Chairwoman: Bridget Craig

Senior Standards Representative: Isabella DelRosario

Junior Standards Representative: Victoria Grande

Sophomore Standards Representative: Tobie Cunningham

Freshman Standards Representative: Aishwarya Nagpal

Parliamentarian: Whitney Pepe

Merit Points Chairwoman: Sydney Schnall

Historian: Tobie Cunningham

Alumni Relations/Corresponding Secretary: Lauren Bonet

Education Department

NME: Olivia Fernandez

Assistant New Member Ed: Regan Roberts

Assistant New Member Ed: Alexandra Carr

Assistant New Member Ed: Naomi van Es Maury

Assistant New Member Ed: 

Assistant New Member Ed: Emily Barron

Sisterhood Chairwoman: Julia Schildberg

Loyalty Circle Chairwoman: Karas Hutchison

Song Chairwoman: Catherine Wallace

Sunshine Chairwoman: Eden Stark

Fidelity Chairwoman: Audrey Joos

Ritual Chairwoman:  Madison Sowers

Academics Chairwoman: Brett Robbins

Senior Academics Representative: Lauren Sankey

Junior Academics Representative:  

Sophomore Academics Representative:  Sophia Linale

Freshman Academics Representative: Stella Dioguardi

Pace Chairwoman:  

Diversity and Inclusion Chairwoman: Ella Furman

Finance Department

Assistant FVP: Katarina Vassallo

Facilities Manager: Sarah Scott

Sustainability Chairwoman: Anne Davin

Membership Department

Assistant MVP: Ashley James

Planning Director: Lauren Rench

Productions Chairwoman: Karas Hutchison

COB Chairwoman: Julia Rocco

Logistics Chairwoman: Ashley Lane

Matching Chairwoman: Grace Granum

Computer Chairwoman: Anne Davin

Preferential Chairwoman: Lani Tudor-Dodd

Preferential Chairwoman: Ava Orlando

Panhellenic Affairs Department

Activities/Intramurals: Hannah Johnson

Service Chairwoman: Katelyn Mysinger

Block Chairwoman: Adriana Verlangieri

Cross Council Chairwoman: Jayna Shah

Campus Outreach Chairwoman: Amberina Khoja

Moonball Chair:  

Philanthropy Chairwoman: Cassidy Brankley

Public Relations Department

Merchandise Chairwoman: Cassidy Marino

Internal Social Chairwoman: Liv Gilman

External Social Chairwoman: Grace Garnum

Assistant External Social Chairwoman: Taylen Turco

Webmaster: Nicole Zubowicz

Special Events Chairwoman: Maya Vaidya

Banner Chairwoman: Kathryn Duncan

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