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Dear Potential New Members,

Recruitment is an experience that each woman in every panhellenic community embarks on. This journey is an incredible time of your life in which you can find the place you are meant to be. I found my home in Gamma Phi Beta, and I will forever be grateful for the opportunities I have found within this organization. Every woman in Eta Xi has supported me in becoming the person I want to be through their steadfast compassion and loyalty. I have grown to be the woman I am today alongside my lifelong friends in this chapter. Each individual in Gamma Phi Beta brings something entirely different to our chapter, but it is our individual experiences that inspire one another to become the best version of themselves.  As you move forward through your own recruitment journey, embrace every moment and never stop being who you are. Find a place that you feel proud to call home with the people who inspire you. I truly hope you find a chapter as special to you as Gamma Phi is to me.

With love,



Membership Vice President

Alexis Pullos

Recommendation Letters

Please send recommendation letters to: 


Alexis Pullos - Membership Vice President

1235 SW 9th Ave Gainesville FL 32601


Gamma Phi Beta Alumnae

To recommend a legacy, 

please complete the Gamma Phi Beta recommendation form online at

For more information regarding recruitment visit

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