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Dear Potential New Members,

Recruitment is an experience that each in the Panhellenic community embarks on. You begin a unique, transformative journey to find your home in Panhellenic. When I came to Gamma Phi Beta during recruitment, I could see the genuine love and care that these sisters have not only for each other, but also for the community around them. This chapter has helped me grow into the woman I am today and someone that I know would make my younger self proud. These women are my biggest cheerleaders in times of success and my shoulder to lean on when I need one. Each individual in Gamma Phi Beta Beta brings something special to our chapter. It is our own experience that inspires one another to become the best versions of ourselves. As you move along your recruitment journey, make the most of the women around you and appreciate every moment. Find a place that brings out the best in you and that you would be proud to call home. I truly hope you find a chapter as special to you as Gamma Phi Beta is to me.


With love,



 Membership Vice President

Ashley James

Recommendation Letters

Please send recommendation letters to:    


Ashley James - Membership Vice President

1235 SW 9th Ave Gainesville FL 32601


Gamma Phi Beta Alumnae

To recommend a legacy, 

please complete the Gamma Phi Beta recommendation form online:




For more information regarding recruitment visit:

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